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Development Milestones

At 6 months
many children

Respond to their name

Respond to others people’s emotions

Like to play with parents and others

copy sounds

At 12 months
many children

Respond to simple spoken requests

Copy postures

Stands alone

Grasps with thumb and finger

Can shake their head point, or wave hello

Say small words like “dada” or “Mama”

At 18 months
many children

Play simple pretend, like feeding a doll

Show full range of emotions

Say small single words

Point to show others something interesting

At 2 years
many children

Say sentences with 2-4 words

Follow simple instructions

Get excited when with children

Point to things when they are named

Pull off clothes

Overcomes simple obstacles

Walks without support

At 3 years
many children

Copy friends and adults

Play pretend with toys and people

Carry on a conversation with 2-3 sentences

Show affection for friends

Signal to go toilet

Initiates own play activities

Eats with spoon/hands (Food)

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